A Guide to Disrupt Racism + Sexism in Hiring

In Hiring Revolution, authors Alfonso and Trina guide readers through the exact path they have taken in order to successfully and consistently find and hire diverse teams.

A compelling reimagin­ing of how to combat baked-in bias, Hiring Revolution deals with racism and sexism head on. Most workplaces fixate on “prior qual­ifications” and “experience” in talent acquisition, but this creates a self-fulfilling prophesy; no wonder white men continue to hold the top positions in major companies most often!

There are more creative and expansive ways to imagine and approach finding a di­verse pool of top talent—people that will make your workforce and workplace stronger. Diverse teams don’t just materialize. Hiring across race, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious tradition, age, ability, eth­nicity, immigration experience, and more can and should be ap­proached with both intentionality and care.

Hiring Revolution is chock-full of opportunities to unlearn problematic behaviors, replacing those with strategies and methods to ensure alignment of hiring intent with hiring impact. This book does not simply admire the pervasive problem of inequity; instead, it meticulously surfac­es challenges and opportunities, offering viable solutions to staff diversification that you can start implementing today.

Aimed at human resources, executives, managers, and leaders across sectors, Hiring Revolution is a practical invitation to stop, start, do more of, do less of, and do differently. Broken into several distinct phases of the hiring whole, this book takes a purposefully tactical approach to unlock how to hire the team you claim you want.